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Project design firm in the civil and industrial and agrozootechnical construction domains and architecture firm and technical expertise firm and technical expertise performing firm and project check firm and verification firm .

House consolidation, Gap consolidation, Building consolidation, School consolidation
A project is a piece of documentation made by designers in the branch (architect, constructions engineer, constructions appliance engineer) that consists of a written part and one containing drawings (drawing boards). This is necessary for executing a new construction or for rehabilitating, storey designing or extending an older building.
This documentation (the project) must contain 3 parts: the architecture part, the resistance part and the appliances part (plumbing, electric and thermal appliances). Each of these 3 must contain the written part (the staff involved in elaborating the project, technical explanatory report, rough estimate, program for supervising and checking the work execution on the site, roundup of calculation, premeasurement) and a drawn part (drawings).

There are 2 successive stages in elaborating a project:
-    Stage 1 is represented by P.A.C. (Project for Construction Authorisation)
-    Stage 2 is represented by P.Th. +D.E. (Technical Project + Execution Details)

Documents which are necessary for elaborating the project:
-    The project theme is that which the beneficiary desires to be built
-    Urban Planning Certificate - obtained from the City Halls in the surroundings of which the construction is to be made
-    Property documents
-    Geological analysis of the land, done by a geology engineer
-    Topographical analysis of the land, done by a specialist in the branch
-    Bordering plan - given by the City Hall to which the land belongs to
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