Technical Expertise Iasi

Technical project verification firm for A1 and A2 requirements and firm that performs technical expertise on existent buildings and consultancy firm for designing projects and professional architects and engineers firm.

Metal Structure, Concrete Structure, Carrying Structure, Wood Structure
Verifying a project is the activity by which a specialized verifier, attested by the Ministry of Constructions, checks the resistance and the stability of the structure presented in the execution project for a new construction. Checking the elements of a concrete, masonry or wood construction is done considering A1 exigency, while doing this for metal works takes A2 exigency into consideration. 

Documents which are necessary for implementing project verification:
-    The project (the written and the drawn part for Architecture and Resistance)
-    Roundup of calculation for the resistance structure elements
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PROJECT DESIGN, EXPERTISE and PROJECT CHECK for metal, concrete and wood constructions in the following constructions domains: civil, industrial, agrotehnical, zootechnical, telecommunications, energetic, town related, joint administration, mining, lifting device and cable transport.
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